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We partner with companies to create competency-based assessment processes that focus on evaluating individuals using objective criteria.  Competencies are used as evaluation criteria.  Assessment processes can include Manager/Employee, 360-degree feedback, peers, or any other combination that meets the needs of the business.

Competency-Based Assessment Solves the Following Business Problems:

  • The need to have more objective assessment criteria that are based on the job, function, or company requirements. 

  • The need to facilitate productive communication among the employee, manager, and others involved in the evaluation process.

  • Competency-based assessment provides a foundation for specific coaching and feedback. 

Competency-Based Assessment Systems Have Many Benefits:

  • Provides for more accurate assessment as evaluators can see what behavior looks like in observable terms. 

  • Ensures more complete communication among employee, manager, and others, as less is open to interpretation. 

  • Provides the individual with powerful developmental information as he or she can see specific behaviors that explain the evaluation. 

  • Makes creating development plans easier and more helpful to target opportunities. 

  • Makes it easier for the individual to accept the assessment as it is tied to behavior and not to a label that can be perceived as being negative.


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