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We have had great success in working with several companies to design career planning systems using competency models as a foundation.  These programs prepare employees for other positions in the organization that match their interests and goals.  These positions may be lateral or promotional moves. 

We work with organizations to design career paths that identify an upward sequence or lateral networks of career moves.  The requirements (education, experience, and competencies) for each position in the path are outlined. 

Managers and employees use these paths as a career planning tool.  The employee selects a desired career path and works with the manager to create a development plan that will enable the employee to meet the requirements.

Competency-Based Career Development Systems Meet Several Business Needs:

  • When employees move to other positions or leave a company, the organization needs to select qualified people to fill the open jobs.  The cycle time for hiring can be significantly reduced as a result of this process. 

  • Many people find developing for different or additional responsibilities a source of motivation.  Career planning can be used as a retention tool where companies are competing for top talent.

There are Many Benefits of Competency-Based Career Development Systems:

  • Competency-based career development systems provide specific guidance to employees on the competencies they need to develop to prepare for their next career move. 

  • Career planning programs keep employees energized for ongoing personal development that results in enhanced productivity.  In addition, it prepares employees to fill open positions later. 

  • The competencies required for two different positions can have similarities.  When the competencies required for career paths are identified, more opportunities for employees are opened.  This helps leverage the investment made in the organization.


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