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Developing employees is facilitated through the use of competencies.  Employees and their managers can more easily target specific strengths and developmental areas.  Development Resource Guides support the enhancement of each of the competencies.  All contents are current and reflect the past few years; older sources are included only if classic.  All information is analyzed, verified and discussed with appropriate sources before being placed into the Guide.

Resources are described, not just listed.  Contents are carefully selected and reflect the best; not just a listing of everything.  There is a section in the Guide for each competency.  Each competency section contains eight distinct approaches to enhancing behavior.  These are:

On-the-Job Experiences DVDs
On-the-job experiences provide the most powerful way to enhance development that individuals can engage in immediately. They include a broad menu of activities individuals can select to reinforce behaviors and actions to build proficiency for a competency. New approaches and technologies provide exciting opportunities to learn about a competency.  DVDs can be interactive, colorful, musical, and exciting. DVDs can be used as a self-study tool in a wide variety of locations.
Web Sites Self-Study Courses
There is a comprehensive listing of web sites for all the identified resources in each competency area.  This will be a valuable resource for on-line learning. These courses are designed with objectives and provide a logical and progressive approach to a topic.  Self-instructional formats facilitate self-paced learning. 
Courses and Seminars Readings
These include formal training courses that are given by the company, universities and consultants.  On-site and off-site alternatives are available. Readings include a carefully selected list of books that align with and explore each competency.  Up-to-date selections with succinct descriptions help individuals make the most appropriate choices.


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