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We partner with our clients on organizational planning to define business strategies and goals and build a human resources plan that is competency-based.  The competency-based organizational plan can involve a new structure or business.

Competency-Based Organizational Planning Addresses the Following Questions:

  • What are our business strategies and goals for the next several years? 

  • What competencies does my workforce need to achieve our goals?  Does my current workforce have the needed competencies? 

  • How can I leverage the investment I have in my current workforce? 

  • Should we develop our existing employees or hire new people to fill competency gaps? 

The Benefits of Competency-Based Organizational Planning Include:

  • Strategic organizational planning allows an organization to prepare for changes to remain ahead of the competitive curve. 

  • Planning ahead allows employees to achieve optimum levels of performance and prepare for new roles. 

  • In competency-based organizational planning, the competencies needed for future success are clearly defined.  The organization has time to implement a recruitment strategy to attract top talent.


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