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We partner with a wide variety of companies to develop Performance Management Systems that include competencies as an important component.  Companies can review employees on how they do their work, in addition to what they achieve. 

Competencies can be an integral part of the evaluation, remain as the key component of development or both.  The competencies provide a platform for ongoing feedback and coaching to assist employees in developing the required competencies.

Competency-Based Performance Management Systems Address Several Business Needs:

  • Competencies provide the performance criteria to increase the objectivity of evaluation and clarify what is required for success. 

  • Competency models provide structure and direction for the manager’s collection of data. 

  • Competency models provide a foundation for providing coaching and feedback.  The competencies provide behavioral examples of what is necessary to succeed.

Competency-Based Performance Management Systems Offer Many Benefits:

  • They send a clear message that the organization is as concerned with how work is done in addition to the achievement of objectives. 

  • Employees better understand what is expected of them and how to succeed. 

  • Performance discussions can focus on specific, observable behaviors as identified in the competencies and behavioral indicators.  

  • Development plans that support employee growth become more meaningful.


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