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We work with companies to create competency-based selection processes to facilitate matching job requirements and individual competencies.  The required competencies for the job openings are used for selection criteria.  Interviews and any other selection tools used are based on the competencies.

Candidates for the job opening are evaluated on each competency.  The candidates with the highest competency scores are selected.

Competency-Based Selection Solves the Following Business Problems:

  • Poor performance or productivity is reduced as employees must have the competencies required for the position. 

  • The selection of employees that are more closely matched to potential jobs and enjoy their work more.  New hires with the necessary competencies demonstrate full productivity faster. 

  • Termination rates should decrease and retention rates will increase as a result of the competency foundation.

Competency-Based Selection Systems Have Many Benefits:

  • Organizations that use competency selection systems typically have higher levels of employee performance and retention.  Candidates understand what will be expected of them on the job. 

  • There will be more effective resource utilization for hiring and developing people. 

  • Competency-based interviews ensure that all interviewers focus on the critical job-related factors in determining if a candidate is a good match for the job.  Candidates are compared on the same criteria to enhance the selection process.

Several tools can be customized to enhance the selection process.  One tool is the creation of an Interview Guide that contains customized questions for each competency.  Each question allows for the full range of responses.

Interviewers can optimize their time and efficiency and ensure consistency in evaluating a variety of candidates.

Interview Guides can consist of the following sections:

  • Pre-Interview checklist
  • Opening the interview
  • Work history
  • Competencies
  • Behavior-based questions for each competency
  • Note-taking area
  • Closing the interview
  • Summary ratings on competencies


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