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Competencies are the core of our business.  Applications ensure the implementation of the competencies with employees at all levels within the company.  Our services include: 

Creating Competency Models:  We are noted experts in developing and implementing a wide variety of competency models, including core, leadership, job, and functional competencies.  A large part of the business is creating competencies for specific jobs and functions.

Talent Management:  Talent Management processes include identification, development, and staffing systems to ensure the future success of companies.  Using competencies as the basis for this process facilitates the objective evaluation of this talent.  Techniques can include multiple successive reviews, one-on-one discussions, and evaluation on the competencies.  Using competencies as the basis for this process facilitates the objective assessment and evaluation of this talent.

Developing People:  Using competencies as the foundation for development plans enables employees and their managers to target specific strengths and developmental areas.  Development Resource Guides support the enhancement of each of the competencies.  Each competency section contains distinct approaches to enhancing behavior:  These include:  on-the-job experiences, CD-ROMs, web sites, self-study courses, workshops and seminars, readings, videos, CD's and DVD's. 

Assessment:  Competency models are the foundation for the assessment process.  They provide objective behavioral indicators that help both the manager and employee have a productive assessment discussion.  The employee can clearly understand his or her strengths and developmental areas.  The manager has a powerful tool to ensure that the process is completed in a constructive way. 

Selecting People:  Using competencies facilitates the identification of the best candidates to fill new positions.  Custom questions for each competency ensure consistency in evaluating a variety of candidates.  Several tools can be customized to enhance this process.  One tool is the creation of an Interview Guide that contains custom questions for each competency. 

Performance Management:  Performance Systems that include competencies evaluate employees on how they do their work, in addition to performance objectives.  Companies using performance management with competencies ensure a more objective process that is embraced by both the employee and the manager. 

Training Solutions:  The competency modeling process yields a needs analysis that becomes the foundation for the training curriculum.  This ensures a clear roadmap for the creation of a curriculum and specific programs.  Using the competencies to create learning objectives and as the foundation for training evaluation ensures a process is built around principles of instructional design. 

Organization Planning:  Strategic organizational planning is the process of defining business strategies and goals for building a human resources plan that can implement these strategies.  It can involve an organizational change or a new structure or business.  In competency-based organizational planning, the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for future success are clearly defined. 

Career Planning:  Using competencies in career planning includes performance indicators that provide observable behaviors for a wide variety of jobs.  Employees can readily see the differences among jobs and target opportunities depending upon their interests and abilities.


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