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We have partnered with companies in a wide variety of industries to develop Talent Management systems that are based on competency models.  Processes can include identification, development, and staffing systems to ensure the future success of companies.  Using competencies as the basis for this process facilitates the objective assessment and development of this talent.

Competency-Based Talent Management Serves Many Business Needs:

  • Competency-based Talent Management helps organizations fill openings in key jobs and avoid productivity loss and maintain competitive advantage.

  • Organizations retain top talent and build on the investment it has made in its employees, by preparing them for future positions.

  • There is a much higher degree of success for lateral and upward moves if the competencies required for the job are matched with the competencies of those individuals applying for the position.  Mistakes and costly decisions can be avoided.

Key Benefits of Competency-Based Talent Management are:

  • Competency models provide line managers with a set of objective criteria for evaluating top talent.  Decisions are based on candidate qualifications and performance.

  • The time and cost of developing people for key positions and the importance of these jobs is critical to the success of a company.  The costs of competency-based Talent Management are greatly outweighed by the increased probability of making good decisions.


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